Bluetti ac200p battery specs

Safety Bluetti AC200P instructions

Please observe the following instructions to ensure safe usage:

  1. Do not alter or disassemble this product.
  2. Do not move during charging or using it, because the vibration and impact during
  3. moving will lead to poor contact of output interface.
  4. In case of fire, use dry powder fire extinguishers for this product. Do not use water fire extinguisher, which may cause electric shock.
  5. Close supervision is required when using this product near children.
  6. Please confirm the rated specification of your load, and do not use it beyond the specification.
  7. Do not place the product near heat sources, such as electric furnace and heaters.
  8. Not permitted on aricrafts because the battery capacity exceeds 100Wh.
  9. Do not touch the product or the plug-in points if your hands are wet.
  10. Check the product and accessories prior to every use. Do not use if it is damaged or broken.
  11. Please unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet immediately in case of lightning stroke, which may cause heating, fire and other accidents.
  12. Use original charger and cables.

Bluetti AC200P Battery Specification

AC output Rated output power 2000W
Low rated voltage 100-120Vac
High rated voltage 220-240Vac
THD < 5%
Efficiency > 88%(R load)
  Overload capacity 2000W
Short circuit protection yes
Over temperature protection yes
  Noise load<1500W, Max.45dB; load>1500W, Max.54dB
  DC12V/25A Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 25A
Overload power 330W
Short circuit protection yes
  DC12V/10A output Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 10A
Overload power >120W, 2s
Short circuit protection yes
  DC12V/3A output Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 3A
Overload power >40W, 2S
Short circuit protection Yes
  USB output Rated voltage 5V
Maximum current 3A
Short circuit protection Yes
  Type-C output Fast charging type PD2.0 (60W Max)
Rated output 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,15V/3A, 20V/3A
Short-circuit protection Yes
Wireless charging QI1.2.4 standard compatible
Output power 5W/7.5W/10W/15W

Estimation of operating time

AC charging input voltage 100-240VAC
Maximum charging voltage 58.8 VDC
maximum charging power 500W
Car input input voltage 11.5V-14.4V/23V-28.8V
Input current 8.2A
Solar panel input voltage 35V-150V
  Input current 12A ( only 12A will be received When the current exceeds 12A)
Input maximum power 700W
Remarks: PV charging has automatic activation charging function(plug and play): when PV is connected with the product, it will automatically activate the device for charging as long as the sun has energy; if you do not want this function, please unplug the PV charging head after full charge.It supports charging while discharging, and does not support UPS function.
Battery Pack
Rated capacity 2000Wh,40Ah
Voltage 41.5V-58.4V
Short circuit protection yes
Output overcurrent protection 70A
Discharge high temperature protection 65℃/149℉
Recovery of discharge high temperature protection 55℃/131℉
Charging high temperature protection 55℃/131℉
Charging high temperature protection recovery 45℃/113℉
Charging low temperature protection 0℃/32℉
Product size 420*280*386mm(16.5*11*15.2inch)
Net weight 27.5Kg(60.6lbs)
Working environment temperature 0℃-40℃/32℉-104℉
Storage ambient temperature -10℃-45℃/14℉-113℉
Working environment humidity 10-90%

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