How to decorate for christmas on a budget

Christmas is a time for families to get close and share special moments. For some, this means decorating the house in a festive way. Decorating for Christmas can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Here are some tips on how to decorate without creating more stress.

I love Christmas. I love fall. Lights, trees, movies, memories, giving, and baby Jesus. Christmastime is so magical. Each year, I make our home cozier. Here are my Christmas decorating tips.

Even if you've decorated for Christmas for years, you could learn something new.
Christmas decor

Here's how to decorate for Christmas while remaining casual.

In Hallmark Christmas movies, every house has floor-to-ceiling Christmas decor and colors.

Most people can't fit holiday decor in their homes. We shouldn't because the Holiday season is short and we'd soon tire of Christmas decor and colors.

When decorating for the holidays, consider your home's ceiling height (for the tree), surface surfaces (for vignettes), wall space (for Christmas art), and floor space (for gifts and decor).

So consider your space.

Color scheme

It's good to have a color scheme, whether you use the same one every year or change it up. Consider it Christmas bumpers. Knowing your color scheme helps with purchasing and decorating.

Replace essentials

Many people make the mistake of combining Christmas and ordinary decorations. Which causes clutter.

Instead, use holiday-themed art and accents. Replace the coffee table tableau with Christmas candles and decorations. Poinsettias should replace the bouquet.

Don't hold everything back.

Decorations should be functional.

If you have kids, pets, or a small area, consider the space's function before decorating.

Poinsettias are harmful to dogs, so you shouldn't have them around. If you have young children, choose a plastic lantern with battery-powered candles over a metal and glass one with a real flame candle.

Household holiday decor

Adding a seasonal touch to each space is delightful.

The kitchen needs a faux plant or candle. Christmas bath towel. Entryway ornaments.

Make one room a decorative focus.

While putting a "sprinkle" of decor to each area is nice, consider creating a focal point, like the Christmas tree, the mantel, or a table vignette.

Consider visitors' comfort

Consider your guests when planning your design and space.

I put a festive quilt over our guest room's headboard. My sister said it landed on her head in the middle of the night and terrified her. Lol. Sisters! While I found it moderately humorous, it wasn't the best setting for that design.

Consider guest comfort. Decor is useless if it's uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Inside and out, decorate

Decorate inside and out for Christmas. Both are below.

Interior Decorating

You'll gain the most satisfaction from designing your home's inside, since you'll see it the most. How to make your home festive.
Right? Christmas trees are enjoyable to decorate, whether you have one or numerous.

Here's the gist of how to decorate a Christmas tree easily:

  • First, assemble and fluff the tree.
  • Step 2: Add lighting
  • Step 3: Add greenery or stems
  • Step 5: Add the largest ornaments
  • Step 6: Add embellishment sets
  • Add ornaments in Step 7.
  • Step 8 – Vacuum your tree skirt or collar.
  • Add the tree topper


The fireplace mantel is another Christmas tradition. Garlands, bells, ribbons, or stockings can decorate this surface.

TV over mantel? Relax. How to decorate a tv-over-mantel for Christmas.

No fireplace mantel? No problem! Build a mantel-like shelf or tabletop!


Adding candles and twinkle lights to your home during the holidays makes it cozier and warmer.

Place real flame candles on a tray or burner to prevent them from falling.

Try flameless battery-powered candles for youngsters. In places without plugs, utilize battery-powered twinkling lights.

Throws and pillows

Easily add Christmas elegance to your living room, entry, dining room, and bedrooms with throw blankets and throw pillows.

Christmas-themed blankets and pillows are a must. Add thicker textiles in richer colors for winter.

Feather inserts help toss pillows keep their shape. Throw pillow covers are easier to store than throw pillows.
Flowers, greens
When it's dark and gloomy outside, greenery and flowers brighten winter dcor.

I blend genuine and artificial flora. Faux stuff lasts longer than real stuff and you just have to buy it once. But real boughs are great for their aroma.

Creating Christmas vignettes is a great way to decorate.

Combine 3, 5, or 7 objects on a tray, tabletop, or shelf.

By collecting items, your Christmas decor will look less random.


Non-decorating periods might function as holiday decor.

Christmas Advent

When planning your advent decor, keep your advent calendar in mind.
Decorated gifts
The tree's gifts can double as Christmas decor. Gift wrap, ribbons, and bows can be coordinated to match your color scheme.

Christmas Family Photos

If you've taken Christmas family photos every year, try a tabletop display or gallery wall for the holidays.

Christmas Cards

Why not display actual Christmas cards? Put them on a tree, on a string, in a card stand, or on a doorway for quick holiday pleasure.

Outdoor Decor

Decorating the outside of your home can make your neighbors and you happy.

Holiday Plants

Christmas plantings brighten our front porch.

I've used store-bought planters or constructed my own using greenery, birch logs, dogwood branches, bows, etc. I've added snowshoes and ornaments.

Build your planter, add water, and it won't blow over in winter winds. The freezing water will keep the planter strong and fresh.


You may purchase wreaths in several styles and pricing ranges. We have twin front doors, so I always buy two, but it's worth it.


Our house/lower garage's roof always has lights. Depending on the year, we also add spotlights, light show lights, lanterns with battery-powered candles (although our weather doesn't stay long) and a blow-up Santa.

Outdoor layered garland You can hang them from banisters and porches or wrap them around pillars.

These are my Christmas decorating tips. Choose one, two, or all for a festive home you'll love to return home to.

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