How to use a Christmas tree stand

So for this year, I decided primarily to crack our Christmas tree stand in order to use a power tool to secure it, I'm not sure why I didn't get it done sooner in any case, this year I was determined to transform the way this stand functioned. This time I was determined to alter things. This year would be different. This year, I was determined to have my tree stand by using a power tool.

Details on How to Hack the Christmas Tree Stand

  • Supplies: eight fully threaded 1/4" x 5" hex tap bolts (zinc plated, or stainless if you can find them)
  • A 7/16" socket on your favorite impact driver
  • Time: 5-15 minutes
  • Price: About $4

Make sure the impact driver for that Christmas tree stand is ready.

I'd tell you in a lot of detail what to do next to get that Christmas tree stand impact driver ready, but I think it's pretty clear. On L-style bolts, you just take them off and replace them with the new 1/4" x 5" hex taps, making sure to partially seat them into the tree so they are ready to be fully seated.

Christmas tree stands made of plastic
plastic eye bolts for Christmas tree stands
Christmas tree stands made of metal
With some bolts, like fancier eyebolt systems, you may need to cut or saw through the bolts to get them off. I'm telling you, it's worth it.

Once the new bolts are in, you can replace any plastic end caps that were meant to protect the tree from the bolts sinking into the wood. However, I've found that this isn't really a problem, and it's not worth the trouble to try to get the caps back or deal with the hassle. Using the impact driver, I put the stand on the tree outside the house in a rough way. I then brought it inside and had my wife hold it up while I tightened the bolts. If you overdrive the bolts, you can just take them out or use the other side to make up for it.

What happened? You can use your power tool instead of your fingers when you have a tree stand. You can't do better, and to be honest, I think this is how they should all be built.

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